Practice with your favorite peeps!

Maintain a consistent self care routine, all while strengthening the bond between you and your loved ones. 

The Beatles had it right when they said, "you get by with a little help from your friends".

Imagine the focused attention of a private session enhanced with the joy of being with your best pals. It's a weekly self-care hang that fosters connection with yourself, your practice and your dear friends or family. Whatever you're working through, getting support along the way makes the journey more enjoyable.

You and your group decide the flavor of your sessions that can range from deeply reflecting your soul's desires to laughing hysterically while doing your favorite poses or having a sweaty dance party. Whatever the flavor... these semi-private sessions add the perfect ingredient to your weekly routine. Regardless of whether you're located in the same place, or you live far away, this is a great way to stay connected. These are custom designed to meet your needs and create a positive impact in your life. 

What are you waiting for? 

This is your life, and no one can live it for you.

Choose to live your best life right now and gather your friends who will thank you for it!

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  • 4 60-min sessions/mo 
  • Intention & Goal Setting
  • Guided Meditations
  • Guided Personalized Movement Practice
  • Live Feedback
  • Writing & Inquiry Exercises
*This price is for up to 5 people. Each additional person is an additional charge.
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Alyssa is a coach and facilitator with 23+ years of experience who has helped people from all different backgrounds get back in the driving seat of their lives. She is phenomenal in guiding her clients through their journey to create alignment, confidence, and direction through connecting with the wisdom of their body. 

What Clients Say...

"My sessions with Alyssa are highlights of my week! I have been working with Alyssa for 15 years and cannot speak highly enough about her. She is so tuned in to her clients energy field and needs of their bodies, I am amazed after each session. It is like a trip without the drugs! She is a joy to work with! "

~ John Renesch
Future Shapers & Conscious Leadership Guild, San Francisco, CA

"I have never encountered a practitioner as gifted as Alyssa. Her work goes way beyond the physical body, Alyssa also connects with you on an energetic and spiritual level to really get what is ailing you. I look forward to my sessions with her and really notice the difference if I have to miss one. She has great intuition about what is going to make you feel better. I can't say enough about how great she is. Definitely worth the investment!!"

~ Allison
San Francisco, CA

"Tremendously skilled and gifted. Alyssa is an experienced facilitator and intuitive healer who has my utmost trust. She really knows how to listen to what the body needs - regardless of what we do, it's always a potent healing session. Most of all, she is remarkably present and authentic. She's a special blend of rooted wisdom and pure magic!"

~ C.J.
San Francisco, CA

"Alyssa's sessions combine in-depth knowledge of the body with incredible intuition. She'll often know more about what's going on with my body than I'm even aware of, and work out things that I didn't know I needed.  I always leave feeling amazing. She definitely has a gift."

~ Kate B.
Oakland, CA

"I would not have been able to survive the last two years without Alyssa. I work full time and I am a full time graduate student. With her help and guidance, I have been in a better position to manage my stress and develop a mind-body connection. I highly recommend Alyssa to beginners, seasoned yogis or anyone in between. Your sessions with her will be highly individualized, and she makes you feel comfortable, cared for, and supported. I feel so lucky to have found her!"

~ Kate F.
San Francisco, CA

"Alyssa is such a powerhouse of creativity and she offers so much to her students. I hope you'll consider all she has to offer - you'll never look back!"

~ Kayleigh C.
Movement Practitioner

"Alyssa can put you in touch with your body in such a relaxed and comfortable way.   She has a way of communicating so that you're guided without thinking... gently coaxing your body to open in ways unimagined by oneself. She is fun and relaxed and challenging all at the same time."

~ Cole
Sebastopol, CA

"Alyssa DeCaro is a great teacher: full stop. I am a 60-year-old male and I came to Alyssa after breaking my kneecap in a fall. She's already improved my balance and given me hope that I will be returning to the basketball court one day. She combines dance, movement and yoga into a powerful form of exercise -- both of the spiritual and physical dimensions."

~ John P.
Berkeley, CA

"I contacted Alyssa on a day of what I can only describe as pain and despair. My doctor recommended yoga, but I was in no condition to just go straight up to a one-size-fit-all yoga course. What Alyssa offered was a personable experience tailored to my needs. She assessed what I need and gave me a lot of good information and exercises without overwhelming me. She is so knowledgeable about the body it seems she knows what it needs all the time. On top of that, she's a kind and caring person that makes yoga feel like a warm and pleasant hug. Instead of just getting short-term relief, I learned of the source of my pain. It was 1000 times more helpful than my regular chiropractor. I'm happy to report I'm steadily recovering back to my original capacity. If you choose health, it's definitely worth seeing Alyssa!"

~ Carmen
Emeryville, CA

"If you're looking for an amazing body experience, go see Alyssa. She really GETS the whole body-mind connection and knows how to move your energy and physical body into places that will feel, well... amazing. She gently coaxes (without pushing) the body to it's edge, just what the metaphysical doctor ordered. Alyssa is a bright light not to be missed!"

~ Wendy
San Francisco, CA

Leadership & Facilitation Coaching...

"I'm so grateful for your guidance in producing my first retreat from how to organize it, how to handle it internally, and how to market it. I followed your advice step by step and as of today my retreat is sold out!  I went from being overwhelmed to excited! You are a true master of your craft. Your magic pixie dust definitely worked and I truly couldn't have done this without you!"

~ Zuza
Ceremonia Meditation, Southampton, NY

"Alyssa's private business coaching online sessions helped me transform an idea and desire into a concrete reality. Within 2 months I have my first corporate client! Because of Alyssa's accountability, life experience with myriad talents from her incredible teaching, organizing festivals, traveling, performing, organizing her own business and being a boss babe...I was able to trust her authentic feedback and let her guide me to expand my vision of what's actually possible. If you get to work with Alyssa it's a privilege."

~ Seraphina
Divinichi Wellness, Los Angeles, CA

"OMG, your training was so much fun. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!"

~ Deb
Yoga Teacher Training, Orange County, CA

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